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Evidence #1: Read the photo caption on the right of the image.

Evidence #2: New word being invented.

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The following conversations below are real-life scenario from the office. These were e-mail conversations between the Programmer (who also administers their own department's domain) and the Company's System-wide Administrator (who manages all the DHCP servers).

The Problem: Trouble with IP Address conflicts within the Programmer's department, and an unknown machine that's been obtaining an already assigned IP Address from the Programmer's DHCP.

Pa-request po hostnames of the following, we can’t resolve our IP Address conflicts without knowing where these conflicts are:
Or better yet, please give us advice how we can permanently fix this. Do we need to restart the DHCP server? Clear the IP Address logs and re-assign new sets of IP Address to all our workstations?
Reply from SysAd:
Kindly give us all of your host names and respective mac addresses. This will resolve everything and don’t configure any static IP addresses without our knowledge.
Gawin bang mas kumplikado?

Another set of e-mail for another almost related scenario:

Requesting again for your assistance to locate the machine with hostname BMC_DHCP having MAC_ADDRESSES of __:__:__:__:__:A7 (and previously also __:__:__:__:__:8D) and make it stop from obtaining our IP Addresses since we don’t even recognize that machine.
Reply from SysAd:
Can you identify the BMC_DHCP and where it is located? We don’t have any server like this in our custody.
Kailangan ibalik yung ihinihinging tulong?
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